The contributors of Linux Virtual Server project are listed
as follows in alphabetical order by last name.

       Julian Anastasov 
       Many bug fixes and good suggestions.
       Drop_rate and secure_tcp strategies against DoS attack.
       Some porting work to kernel 2.4, such as changing locking,
       fixing slow timer and module reference for kernel 2.4.
       Many IPVS code improvements in both kernel 2.4 and 2.6.

       Alexandre Cassen 
       Many improvements on IPVS synchronization.
       Wrote the Keepalived for LVS.

       Mike Douglas 
       Linux Virtual Server Logo.

       Horms (Simon Horman) 
       Added the option to read rules from stdio to ipvsadm and
       made that ipvsadm can live on libpopt.a library.
       Added the fwmark-based service lookup.
       ipvsadm man page update and ipvsadm debian support.

       Matthew Kellett 
       Added the loadable load-balancing module to VS-0.5 patch  for
       kernel 2.0. (It wasn't applied to our code because we were
       working at VS-0.8 at that time, but the idea of loadable
       scheduling module was adopted later.)

       Peter Kese 
       Suggested the idea of the local-node feature and provided a
       local-node prototype patch for VS via tunneling.
       Port the VS patch to kernel 2.2 and rewrite of some code
       The persistent client connection feature.

       TC Lewis 
       Registered the and

       Joseph Mack 
       Gave a talk about Linux Virtual Server at LinuxExpo'99.
       Wrote the LVS-HOWTO document and the LVS-mini-HOWTO.

       Lars Marowsky-Bree 
       Hosting the site.
       Gave a talk about Linux Virtual Server at Linux Kongress'99
       Added persistence granularity support to ipvs.

       Rob Thomas 
       Wrote the the "Greased Turkey" document about how to setup a
       load-sharing server. (a little bit stale, though)

       Mike Wangsmo 
       ipvsadm man page.

       Wensong Zhang 
       Chief author and developer.

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